The firm CASIT founded in fifties has his offices in 1, Pietra Alta street, Caselette (TO).

The plant covers a surface of almost 3.000 mq. covered and an area equiped for other 5.000 mq.

Inside the planning, the tests and the production are made, with modern numerical control machineries.

The CASIT is specialized in automatisms for: gates, front doors, automatic doors, motoreducer barriers and industrial fixtures for intensive use.

Obviously the range is extended also to automatisms for civil use, but always with concepts of reliable production and of long life products.

The CASIT is a member of the UNAC Italian Association of Builders Automatisms for gates and related products, and this is a guarantee of seriousness and of according to law production.

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CASIT @ THE EXPO FAIR SIB MAROC 2014 IN CASABLANCA 26th- 30th November 2014 (22/10/2014)


DÍA NACIONAL DE 25/04/2013 A 01/05/2013 (22/04/2013)

Ofertas (02/04/2013)
Para todas las órdenes de kit automatizaciòn en 31/07 +5% de descuento y 2 controles remotos gratis! +39 011 9688230 - 9688170 - 9688930 info@casit.it  

NAVIDAD - 2010 (11/02/2013)
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CERRADO FIESTA DE NAVIDAD 6 de enero 2013 (27/12/2012)


Las puertas CASIT son la entrada a la belleza (17/07/2012)
El hermoso Parco La Mandria ha optado por CASIT automatización. 

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CASIT s.n.c. di C.C.Ramella & C.   Strada Pietra Alta, 1   10040 CASELETTE (TO) ITALY   Tel: +39 011 9688230 - 9688170 - 9688930   Fax: +39 011 9688363
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